I work in advertising and marketing which can sometimes be a challenge when working on multiple projects that require your very best creative output.

From experience I know that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Whenever I’m unfit, I feel slow and lethargic in my thinking and my output at work slows down.

I do cardio exercises every morning but sometimes I lack the energy and motivation to commit to waking up early and doing my exercise routine. Since I started taking Ginsomin, this has not been an issue.

In the mornings when I wake up, I eat a light meal of oat and some fruit and take a pill of Ginsomin to give me some pep and energy to get through my 40 minutes of exercise.

Taking the Ginsomin pill in the morning also gives me the energy at work and improves my focus and attention to what I’m doing, a stress-free mind is important especially when coming up with creative concepts.

I would recommend Ginsomin to any man who desires to live a healthy lifestyle so that they can achieve all they desire to.

- Musumba Bwire (Creatives Manager)