Stress Meter

Feeling like you’ve given all you can? Figuring out where you sit on the burnout scale is the first step and a vital part of your health and wellness. The following test is formulated to help you understand your burnout score and how to combat the effects of stress.

Note that the more honest your answers are, the more accurate your burnout score will be.

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  • How often do you feel tired?

    How often do you feel depressed?

    How often would you say you are having a good day?

  • How often are you physically exhausted?

    Have you been emotionally exhausted?

    How frequent are you happy?

  • Ever felt "Wiped Out"?

    Has this ever crossed your mind? "Can't take it anymore"

    Would your consider yourself unhappy?

  • Feeling run-down?

    Feeling trapped?

    Feeling worthless?

  • Are you weary?

    Are you troubled?

    Feeling disillusioned & resentful?

  • Been weak & susceptible to illness?

    Feeling hopeless?

    Feeling rejected?

  • Feeling Optimistic?

    Feeling Energetic?

    Feeling Anxious?