Tips to Improve and Balance Energy Throughout the Day

Are you looking to improve and balance your energy throughout the day? If you have low energy during certain times of the day and feel exhausted and physically tired, you may be eating incorrectly or choosing the wrong foods to boost energy.

To avoid energy slumps during the day:

  • Eat balanced meals.

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibre are all different food groups that constitute a meal. A balanced meal comprises foods from each of these food groups in proper amounts. Include complex sources of carbohydrates that are rich in starches, nutrients and fibre. Proteins from plant-based sources are better than meats if you have a sluggish digestive system. Fats from sources like nut and seed oils that are cold-pressed contain essential fats that promote heart health and keep joints healthy. Include plenty of fresh vegetables in every meal; eat all kinds of coloured fruits as snacks, to get enough vitamins and minerals.

  • Do not eat or drink sugary foods or sweetened juices.

 The added sugar increases the energy levels in the blood and spikes it for a short while. However, the energy thus obtained comes crashing down when the sugars are depleted. This yo-yo effect in energy can lead to insulin imbalance and later affect metabolism if not addressed. Carbonated drinks with added sugars have the same effect; hence avoid them. Avoid alcohol, and limit it if you cannot completely take it away.

  • Never eat refined or processed foods.

 Fast foods contain plenty of processed and refined flours, high salt and sugar, food colours, artificial sweeteners, and additives. Before being wholly digested, these foods tend to lower energy levels through many digestive processes that exhaust nutrients and give rise to allergies, intolerance and digestive stress. 

  • Never skip meals during mealtimes.

 Eat while you are hungry, and always obey your thirst. Sometimes, you may confuse the signals for hunger and thirst easily. Drink enough water first. Eat your meal when your appetite builds. This is an essential regimen for people on the go and those who forget to drink enough water during the day! Do not let the stomach acids build up, as this can cause a weaker digestive system and lower body energy levels.

  • Take a good Adaptogen supplement.

Adaptogens are obtained from plants that help our bodies manage stress and maintain balance. They act like multivitamins by giving the body nutrients for imbalances and act like anti-stress hormones for the mind. Thus, adaptogens are considered helpful for both the body and mind. Some examples include Ashwagandha, Maca root, ginseng root, reishi mushrooms, etc.



Acha Maoni

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