Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does Ginsomin increase weight?

Ginsomin contains ginseng, multivitamins, and minerals. This combination can improve overall well-being and enhance performance and promote vitality. As a result, the body can reach its optimum weight within healthy limits. Ginsomin cannot promote unhealthy weight gain. Therefore it should not be used for weight gain purposes.

Can Ginsomin increase libido?

Yes. Ginsomin contains Korean Panax Ginseng root, which is known to help the body adapt better to stress and fatigue. As a result, it helps overall well-being and enhances performance, which may help improve libido.

Ginsomin indications

Ginsomin is well tolerated by most who take it every day. Although rare, mild side effects such as headache, nausea, stomach upsets, jitters and sleeping difficulties may occur, which are temporary and can be reversed by discontinuing the supplement intake.

It is not recommended for people on blood-thinning medications as it may increase the risk of bleeding.


How long does Ginsomin take to work?

Ginsomin combines Korean Panax Ginseng root with multivitamins and minerals that can easily be absorbed into the body and effectively work fast to restore balance, increase energy and improve overall performance. It is beneficial to take it daily to see the best results within a few days.

What are the benefits of Ginsomin?

Ginsomin contains ginseng root with multivitamins and minerals. The Korean Panax Ginseng is an adaptogen that helps the body naturally to cope with stress and fight fatigue, thus allowing the body to adapt better to stress. The vitamins and minerals balance deficiencies and help improve performance while building strong and healthy immunity and can be taken safely by all adults.

What are the uses of Ginsomin?

Ginsomin is a supplement that helps combat stress, fight fatigue, boost energy and provides a range of multivitamins and minerals essential for correcting deficiencies and improving performance. In addition, it helps improve vitality, increases endurance and is helpful as an immune booster.

Can I take Ginsomin twice a day?

Ginsomin contains the root of Ginseng, a beneficial adaptogen that helps combat stress and fight fatigue. In addition, multivitamins and minerals in this supplement help balance deficiencies and boost performance. Therefore just taking one capsule can provide enough benefits throughout the day.

Can I take Ginsomin at night?

Ginsomin is designed to alleviate fatigue and boost energy that can last many hours. Hence, Ginsomin is best taken during the day, after breakfast. However, if taken at night, Ginsomin may keep you alert and active; therefore should be avoided.

When should I take Ginsomin?

Ginsomin boosts energy, helps fight fatigue and increases vitality, which can help with overall performance and endurance. Hence it is best taken in the morning after a good breakfast for best results.

What is Ginsomin?

Ginsomin is an energy-boosting supplement combining the root of Korean Panax ginseng (a traditional herb that boosts energy and vitality), along with a few multivitamins and minerals. Ginseng is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt better to stress, overcome fatigue, improve energy and build strong immunity.