The Healthy Rise of the Adaptogens: Ginseng and Mondia Whitei (Mukombero)

Adaptogens are herbs that improve your body’s capacity to deal with stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and other health-related issues. 

Adaptogens can be consumed as tinctures, herb extracts, capsules, tablets, added to food or drinks, or both.
By controlling both physical and emotional stressors, – adaptogens help your body regain homeostasis or balance.
In this article, we look at two of the most effective adaptogens; their uses, side effects, and commonly asked questions.


Ginseng is a short, slow-growing plant with fleshy roots. It comes in 13 different varieties. 

Panax ginseng is one such herb, often referred to as Korean ginseng; it is found across Asia. Then there is Panax quinquefolius, also known as American ginseng because it is naturally found in both USA and Canada. The other kind is Japanese ginseng or Panax japonicus.

 Panax originates from the Greek term “panakeia,” which means “all healing.”  You may sometimes hear the term “Asian ginseng,” which refers to all ginsengs grown in Asia (Panax ginseng, Panax japonicus, Panax notoginseng and Panax Sinensis).  Besides this, there is Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), which is not categorized as a Panax because it is a totally different species.

 Although there are many species of ginseng, Panax ginseng has significantly more clinical data to support its use as a natural medicine/supplement. 

It is a perennial shrub that grows 50 to 80 cm. This particular type of adaptogen, has a turnip-shaped root that frequently resembles a human figure due to how its branches are arranged. It also produces inconspicuous flowers that resemble red berries.

Panax ginseng was originally mentioned in Chinese medicine more than 2000 years ago and is now grown in the cold-temperate regions of North East China and the Korean peninsula and is one of the most widely grown herbs in the world.

Mondia Whitei ( Mukombero/Mugombero)

Tonic root, White’s ginger, or Mukombero/Mugombero are some common names for Mondia Whitei. Mondia Whitei acquired its generic name (Mondia)from its Zulu name Mondi/Umondi. 

It’s interesting to note that its specie name, “whitei,” was given in honour of the collector Mr A.S. White, who was the motivating factor behind the transfer of the species to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Mondia is widely used in many parts of Africa, including; South, Central, East, and West Africa, Southern Sudan in the East, Senegal in the West, and the majority of Central and Southern African nations. 

It is a perennial woody climber with twining stems that can grow to a height of 3-6 m and produces white latex when cut, with heart-shaped leaves, positioned opposite one another. The leaves have silky hairs and characteristic star-shaped stipules on their surface. The lovely blooms are produced in branched florets and are reddish-purple. Its flowers only last three to four days and are said to be pollinated by flies. 

Mondia Whitei has extensive roots and features a lovely flower that develops into a fruit pod with numerous seeds dusted with fine, silky fluff. The seed is dispersed by birds pulling out the fluff to line their nests. Fresh and even seeds up to a year old can be easily propagated. 

Uses of the Adaptogens (Ginseng and Mondia Whitei)


People have long used ginseng to treat various illnesses. Products made from ginseng might differ in quality and potential medical benefits.

One should always read the contents before buying any ginseng products because some may only include a trace amount of ginseng or may even contain other components.

According to research, ginseng as an adaptogen has the following health advantages:

1. Ginseng Helps With Erectile Dysfunction

Infertility is a global issue that is getting worse. Globally 48.5 million couples were reportedly infertile in 2010, with the male partner being the problem in about 40% of these marriages. 

Lately, herbal treatment to treat infertility is becoming more widespread worldwide.

In conventional Chinese medicine, ginseng is frequently used by itself or in a herbal mix to improve sexual performance. 

Scientific assessments and confirmation of the positive benefits were made in meta-analyses of randomized clinical trials.

For instance, 45 men with moderate to serious erectile dysfunction saw improvement in their evaluations of erectile performance and sexual gratification after being treated for eight weeks with three daily doses of 900 mg of red Korean ginseng in double-blind research.

Similarly, After taking Korean red ginseng (1000 mg) three times per day for 12 weeks,  60 men with erectile dysfunction found a significant improvement in erectile function, including rigidity, penetration, and maintenance of an erection.  

Apart from improving the quality of erections, ginseng can also improve the following:

  • Sperm production and quality

  • Sperm count and motility

  • Preservation

With all these taken into account, we see that the Use of ginseng is believed to be significant for the creation of new therapies or for improving the efficacy of existing treatment options for male reproductive diseases or disorders.  

2. Ginseng Increases Energy

Ginseng encourages mental and physical activity in individuals who feel tired and weak.

In a study of 21 men and 69 women, ginseng was discovered to be effective in treating chronic fatigue.

Additionally, In a study conducted in 2014 on cancer patients, ginseng was proven to help lessen weariness brought on by cancer. However, ginseng’s effects on raising energy have only been studied in patients receiving therapy.

3. Sharper cognitive function

Ginseng enhances cognition and thought processes. A 2018 study looked into the reliability of this argument.

This report concluded that ginseng components might be able to treat some cognitive impairments based on human and animal investigations.

These studies demonstrated that ginseng could lessen oxidative stress, improving cognitive performance.

A 2016 investigation into Korean red ginseng’s impact on Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive function also revealed encouraging results.

Three males and 11 women made up the study’s 14 participants, with a median age of 74.93. For 12 weeks, the patients got 4.5 grams of Korean red ginseng.

The investigation concluded that Korean red ginseng enhanced frontal lobe function. 

4. Ginseng Helps with Flu Prevention

A possible connection between ginseng and the treatment and prevention of influenza and the respiratory syncytial virus(RSV) has been suggested by research. 

Results of a different study suggested red ginseng extract was thought to increase the viability of influenza-infected human lung epithelial cells.

Based on the studies mentioned above, it is unknown precisely how the anti-viral mechanisms in ginseng function.  

5. Ginseng Lowers Blood Sugar

According to a 2014 study, ginseng may help treat diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. Ginsenosides may influence the pancreas’ ability to produce insulin and reduce insulin resistance using several pathways.

Additional research from 2014 revealed that ginseng has similar effects in lowering blood sugar. While some individuals took a placebo, others took 2.7 grams of fermented red ginseng daily. Researchers discovered that ginseng was more beneficial for reducing blood sugar and raising insulin levels after a meal than a placebo.

6. Ginseng Reduces Inflammation

Ginseng helps lessen inflammation. Ginseng’s main ingredients, ginsenosides, may target immune system pathways that could lessen inflammation, suggests a report conducted in 2020. 

Mondia Whitei (Mukombero/Mugombero)

1.Mondia Whitei increases Libido

According to studies, continuous administration of Mondia whitei may result in a considerable rise in sperm density, testicular protein content, and serum and testicular testosterone levels.

Testosterone action may be responsible for increased testicular protein content and weight. The increased sperm density corroborated Mondia whitei’s androgenic effects. The research’s findings supported Mondia whitei’s historical use as an aphrodisiac by indicating that it had sex-stimulating properties. 

 2. Mondia Whitei Increases Potency

It has been suggested that Mondia whitei can relax a muscle by lowering the amount of corpus cavernosum tissue that contracts when it is adrenally activated. Cavernous smooth muscle relaxation is essential to trigger and maintain a penile erection. Mondia whitei may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of erectile dysfunction because of its capacity to lessen the corpus cavernosum’s -adrenally-driven contraction. 

 3. Mondia Whitei Boosts Sperm Function

Mondia whitei’s effectiveness as an aphrodisiac has been proved by its capacity to boost testosterone production, relax the corpus cavernosum tissue, and improve the performance of human sperm. Its aqueous extract has been shown to improve human sperm activity, as evidenced by increased overall and progressive motility in a time-dependent manner in vitro.

 4. Other uses of Mondia Whitei are

  • The seeds were reportedly once utilized as a strong arrow poison during hunting.

  • In South Africa, the stems are thoroughly hammered to produce long, lustrous strands that are strong enough to be used to make ropes.

  • It is highly advised for growing as a garden plant since the vibrantly colored blossoms are so appealing, increasing its horticultural potential.

  • It is a robust, quickly-growing plant that is perfect for covering trellises. It is thought that Mondia whitei has the potential to be a novel African spice or scent based on its sweet vanilla-like flavor.

  • Mondia whitei’s aromatic roots could be excellent as a food flavoring.

 Side Effects of the Adaptogens (Ginseng and Mondia Whitei(Mukombero)


Even though ginseng is typically safe to consume, some users have experienced the following side effects:

  • Alterations in blood sugar and blood pressure 

  • Fast heartbeat

  • breast enlargement and vaginal bleeding may occur in women. 

Mondia Whitei(Mukombero)

Mondia whitei may only be helpful when taken for a short period and in moderate doses, but if used long-term or in excessive amounts, it may affect male fertility. 

Ginseng Interactions

Ginseng can change how blood pressure, diabetes, and heart drugs work, especially calcium channel blockers like nifedipine. Never use ginseng and heart drugs together without first talking to a doctor.

Combined with blood thinners like aspirin or warfarin, it can raise the risk of bleeding. Ginseng and the monoamine oxidase inhibitor(MAOIs) class of antidepressants may have a mild interaction in some people. 

 FAQS on the Adaptogens


Is ginseng a wild plant?

Yes. Although it is a rare plant, it is possible to find it in the wild in the areas where it is natively found. 

What is wild ginseng?

“Wild ginseng” refers to ginseng found in its natural habitat or growing in an uncultivated state. It includes ginseng that has been introduced to or reproduced in its native habitat without conventional ginseng horticultural techniques, such as planting ginseng seeds or transplanting ginseng plants from other locations. 

Can ginseng be grown?

Since the turn of the century, this crop has been grown in many places worldwide.

What is  “woodsgrown” ginseng?

 “Woodsgrown” ginseng is grown in controlled beds under the shadow of trees.


What distinguishes wild ginseng from cultivated ginseng

 Wild Ginseng matures between seven and ten years, while Cultivated Ginseng grows more quickly and can be harvested after three years. 

 What makes ginseng a threatened species?

Ginseng is listed as endangered all over the world. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), signed in 1973 by the United States and 24 other countries, was set to take effect 90 days after the tenth country had ratified it. It happened on July 1st, 1975. Ginseng was added to Appendix II, which lists all species that, while not necessarily in danger of going extinct, may do so if the trade is not strictly regulated. 

 Is ginseng safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

During pregnancy, especially the first trimester, and nursing, Panax ginseng should be used with caution. 

 Can I take ginseng when I’m stressed?

Yes,.ginseng may enhance memory, attentiveness, and mental focus. Ginseng’s natural constituents can enhance the brain cells’ production of specific proteins and chemical signaling, which improves cognition.

Can a diabetes patient use ginseng?

A diabetes patient can benefit from and tolerate ginseng effectively because it can reduce insulin tolerance and protect the pancreas from harm brought on by stress and inflammation. 

Mondia whitei

 Is Mondia Whitei safe during pregnancy?

Is Mondia Whitei safe for breastfeeding mothers?

Can a diabetes patient use Mondia Whitei?

Mondia Whitei is proven to reduce blood sugar levels In persons with type 2 diabetes. Mondia Whitei reduces blood sugar levels which shows it has glucoregulatory properties.

 Is it safe to use Mondia Whitei while driving or using large machinery?

Driving a car or operating heavy machinery may not be safe if you suffer sleepiness, dizziness, hypotension, or a headache after taking Mondia Whitei.

If taking the medication makes you drowsy, dizzy or significantly drops your blood pressure, you should not operate a vehicle. 

When using Mondia Whitei, look out for these impacts on your health. Always consult your doctor for advice tailored to your body and health situations. 

Is Mondia Whitei addictive?

Most medications don’t have a high risk of addiction or abuse.

The government often classifies drugs that have an addictive potential as restricted substances.

Nevertheless, avoid self-medicating without a doctor’s guidance to make your body more dependent on medications.


One of the simplest methods to incorporate adaptogens like Ginseng and Mondia Whitei into your diet is by taking supplements or teas.

Regardless of your path, always do your homework before purchasing to ensure you consume a safe product. Find out more about each brand, including where they get their herbs from, whether they have their GMP (good manufacturing procedures) certification, and whether they conduct independent testing. The employees of natural supplement retailers may also have useful information. 

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