Fitness: 4 Goals to Consider Before Starting your Fitness Journey

Exercise and fitness should be factored into our lives for the well-being of our bodies and mind. Regular exercise helps improve emotional health, enhances performance at all levels, and helps conditions like depression and mood swings. Exercise also keeps stress and anxiety at bay.

Starting a fitness regimen depends on a few factors:

  • The exercise intensity depends on your age and current fitness levels. It is best to have a professional trainer who can help you improve your intensity and endurance.
  • Duration/ length of exercise – We recommend about 1 hour every day, at least 3 to 5 times a week, for achieving a fit body.
  • Resistance training & aerobic exercise.
  • Pre & Post Stretching as well as Relaxation.

Personal goals depend on what you want to achieve:

  • Are you looking to exercise to improve your General Health & Well-being?
    Walking, jogging, and mild-intensity movements help achieve this goal, as it is a steady way to improve energy. This is an excellent way to burn body fat slowly and not get it back easily.3 to 5 times a week is recommended, and keeping up regularly can help achieve this goal.
  • Do you intend to build lean body mass/ muscle?
    Resistance training, like lifting weights or using your body’s weight to exercise, helps build lean muscle. Lean muscle means more strength and endurance. However, there is less chance of losing fat or weight in this movement exercise. Slowly intensify the regimen, and be regular to achieve your required muscle and mass.
  • Do you plan to lose body fat and weight?
    Intense training that combines resistance and aerobic exercise is the way to go. Aerobic exercise helps to increase cardiac strength and raises heartbeat by pumping blood faster, thus improving circulation and increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Following a diet that targets calorie deficits help to shed weight. The trick is to understand how your body works on calories and how you adjust and perform exercises every day. Indeed. Slow and steady is the mantra here.

Essentials to remember before starting a routine:

Make sure you enjoy what you do. Most of the time, exercise can get a little monotonous and may not stick to you as a routine or habit. The best way to overcome this is to include many forms – like Yoga, swimming, cycling, and Pilates.

Exercise Daily – Do your exercises with a partner who can monitor and give you great company and keep up with some competition! This will keep your drive and help you encourage each other.

Health is wealth, and you are in charge of taking care. Exercise is an excellent tool to gain and keep up good health!





Acha Maoni

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