Ways to keep Tiredness & Fatigue low in Diabetes

When you sleep, tiredness can go away. Fatigue is a constant tired feeling, especially prominent in people who have diabetes.

Both Low & high sugars can cause fatigue quickly, so sugar balance is essential.

  • Eat for energy: Foods like oats, avocado, apple, etc., tend to help people with diabetes boost energy. Include fats, fibre, and proteins at every meal, in good balance. Increase intake of complex carbs and eliminate simple sugars and carbohydrates.
  • Beverages: Drinks like smoothies made out of plant-based milk (oats, almonds), berries, sweetened with stevia, and a teaspoon full of flax or chia seeds can add vital nutrients and boost energy in people with diabetes.
  • Sleep & Rest: This helps with body fatigue and rejuvenates people with diabetes; hence should not be compromised. Resting also assists with healing in the body and is therefore essential.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise can increase oxygen supply, boost circulation, and provide energy. Moderate exercise or long walks every day for about 15 to 30 minutes are highly recommended for people with diabetes.
  • Supplements like Vitamin B can provide energy and repair nerves, and act as a catalyst for many digestive enzymes. Regular intake of Vitamin B can have many health benefits for diabetes and helps heal wounds and repair cells in the body when Vitamin C is included.
  • Herbs like Ginseng, Yerba mate, Coffee, Tea, are good energizing Pick-Me-Ups and energy stimulants. They should be taken with the consent and advice of a health care provider if the person has Diabetes.



Acha Maoni

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